The Second Person Plural Edit

In Latin America the pronoun for the second person plural is "ustedes,” and in Spain it is "vosotros."

The two pronouns are synonyms, but they change the way of conjugating verbs. For example, to say “you guys eat,” in Latin America you would say "ustedes comen," and in Spain "vosotros coméis."

In an affirmative statement with one verb, the direct object pronoun comes immediately before the conjugated verb.

Leo = I read Leo el diario. = I read the newspaper (Yo) Lo leo. = I read it. The pronoun (lo) comes immediately before the verb (leo).

Notice that if the subject of the sentence changes, this does not affect the direct object pronoun.

Juan la lee.

Juan lee = John reads Juan lee la carta. = John reads the letter. Juan la lee = John reads it.

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