Lakes and seas - false friends ahoy Edit

The German for the lake is der See (masculine) and the most commonly used word for the sea is das Meer (neuter).

There's another slightly less commonly used word for the seawhich is die See (feminine).

Be careful not to confuse der See (the lake) and die See (the sea). Keep in mind that the dative and genitive of die See (feminine - the sea) is der See. This example shows how important it is to know your noun genders and declension tables.

singular der See (masculine - the lake) die See (feminine - the sea) nominative der See die See
accusative den See die See
dative dem See der See
genitive des Sees der See

The plural forms are identical.

plural die Seen (masculine - the lakes) die Seen (feminine - the seas) nominative die Seen die Seen
accusative die Seen die Seen
dative den Seen den Seen
genitive der Seen der Seen
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