Unlike English, German has two similar but different verbs for to eatessen and fressen. The latter is the standard way of expressing that an animal is eating something. Be careful not to use fressen to refer to humans – this would be a serious insult. Assuming you care about politeness, we will not accept your solutions if you use fressen with human subjects.

The most common way to express that a human being is eating something is the verb essen. It is not wrong to use it for animals as well, so we will accept both solutions. But we strongly recommend you accustom yourself to the distinction between essen and fressen.

Fortunately, both verbs are conjugated very similarly:

essen fressen (for animals) ich esse ich fresse
du isst du frisst
er/sie/es isst er/sie/es frisst
wir essen wir fressen
ihr esst ihr fresst
sie/Sie essen sie/Sie fressen
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